404 is still missing!

Despite searchers' best efforts, recent reports from the field indicate that 404 is still missing.

Rescue parties have spent the past 72 hours combing the slopes of Topa Topa Mountain in search of the elusive number, but they have met with no success. Several other integers have been discovered, including 911, 666, 411, 00 and 1010-321. "We were all very excited when we found 69," one searcher told reporters. "But we still have no leads as to the location of 404."

404's daughter, 405, told reporters tearfully. "He just wasn't thinking straight."

Although the search team has not given up, the chances of 404's safe recovery are growing slimmer by the minute. "It's very cold on Topa Topa at this time of year," search leader Anthony Blake said during a press conference. "Unless 404 is wearing proper thermal clothing, he's almost certainly suffering from severe hypothermia."
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The search for 404 began on Monday, when the constant value failed to return home from his weekend hiking and wildflower collection trip. "He should never have left," 404's daughter, 405, told reporters tearfully. "He just wasn't thinking straight." 404 became very distraught upon learning that his wife, 403, had been arrested by city police. When he demanded to know the nature of the charges, the officers simply replied, "403 Forbidden."

The Search and Rescue Department plans to discontinue the search if no traces of 404 are found in the next three days. 404's family vows that if this happens, they will start their own private search.


Donations have been pouring in from Internet users around the world. If you'd like to help, send a check or money order to:

The Find 404 Foundation
2208 Buckingham Circle,
Loveland, CO 80538 USA
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