Examples of style from Ken's Korner!

The Devil made me do it!

An example of text using class="clist"

The size of the margin, border and padding are set with the margin, padding, and border properties respectively. The padding area uses the same background as the element itself (set with the background properties). The color and style for the border is set with the border properties. The margins are always transparent, so the parent element will shine through.

The size of the box is the sum of the element width (i.e. formatted text or image) and the padding, the border and the margin areas.

An example of text using class="blist"

CSS1 assumes a simple box-oriented formatting model where each formatted element results in one or more rectangular boxes. (Elements that have a 'display' value of 'none' are not formatted and will therefore not result in a box.) All boxes have a core content area with optional surrounding padding, border and margin areas.

An example of text using class="alist"

CSS1 allows the box-oriented formatting model to be scaleable. Try it and see. Just change the size of the window and watch the box reform to fit the new window size and shape. I love technology when it works!

An example of a numbered list
  1. The Internet is going to impact our society in the next few years.
  2. In much  the same way the telephone did in the last few years.
  3. We want to put as many people together with this new technology as possible.
  4. We can provide a website on your existing server or complete "turn-key" systems.
  5. Let us put you on the Internet today.

We develop Internet websites for private and comercial use. It has been said that in the last two years advertising has changed the Internet. True, and in the next two years the Internet will change advertising! You can be on board for that change today.

A list inside a blockquote using class="format".

We employ Members ot the HTML Writers Guild and encourage others to join. We subscribe to the W3C standards for website generation.

An example of a ordered definitions list
303-650-0390 by Appt.
Postal address
8916 Bruce Street Thornton, CO 80221
Electronic mail
General Information: mail@kdubrovin.com