Full Name Charles Wadsworth Winthrop Gaines III
Charles Gaines

Charles Gaines

Born December 3, 1925 Kennebunkport, Maine
Farnsworth Boys Academy - Darien, CT
Oxford University, B.S. Fermentation Science
Wife, Helen
Son, Charles Wadsworth Winthrop Gaines IV
Daughter, Charlotte Wadsworth Winthrop Gaines
Hobbies Fox Hunting, Bocci Ball, Yachting, Needlepoint
Favorite Saying "It's better to burn out than fade away."

The History of Megatelco

Charles Gaines I., the son of a failed brussel sprout farmer, founded MegaTelco in 1905. Originally called, Gaines' Phones and Such, the company began by installing phone lines in New York City. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Gaines' Phones and Such grew into the largest telephone company in the Tri-State area. In 1910, they took the name MegaTelco to reflect the growing size of the company. The reigns of the company were passed on to Charles II when the elder Mr. Gaines disappeared in a mysterious yachting accident.

Charles II led the company through both of the great wars. Dismissed from service because of his abnormally small feet, Charles II built up the company's coffers by selling faulty telephone equipment to the government. When World War II ended, the company was already well on its way to becoming the dominant phone company in the U.S. That's when Charles II was killed in a freak lawn bowling accident and Charles III was forced to take over.

Following the tragic passing of his father, Charles III turned MegaTelco into a well-oiled machine. Although not involved in the day to day operations, Charles surrounded himself with trusted advisors. He referred to this group as the "MegaTelco Men." Together they led the company through four decades of prosperity. That all ended with the invention of the Internet. "It's just a passing phase." the advisors said. "It'll never catch on". As customers began leaving for more technologically advanced companies, profits began to tumble. Charles swore that whatever it took, he wouldn't let those young whippersnappers get the best of MegaTelco. And so the story continues...
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