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Tate's Tale
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This is the story of Mathias Tate.

Mathias Tate was an Inventor and Entrepreneur!

Mathias invented many things!

Most of them never amounted to much. Cheap nick nacks and toys that didn't work well and soon broke.

Never the less He kept at it!

What else could one do in the American Mid West during the great depression.

Mathias was a good man. Hard working, church going and always kind to everyone.

But, I am afraid, not very bright.

One of the few things he made that we do remember today was his compass.

But it was the lowest priced compass available and in hard times like hotcakes it did sell. At least at first.

Like most of his "inventions" it was cheap junk.

Soon the little needle would fall off and rattle around inside the sealed unit. Or the paper decal behind the needle would curl up and touch the needle making it point in the wrong direction. And in humid climates the lens would fog up and you would have no idea which direction you were heading in.

Just the what you need. An unreliable compass.

To this very day we remember

what a piece of junk this compass was by repeating the old saying ...

He who has a tates is lost!

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