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News and Tips for Windows 11

Here are some more tips and news items to help you be more productive with and informed about Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system.

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News and Tips.

Apple Emergency Security Update
This doesn’t really have anything to do with Windows 11 but it is important. Apple has released an emergency security update for the iPhone 6 and later models, Mac computers running MacOS Monterey as well as several other Apple products. There are two specific issues addressed by this update.

The first issue involves the potential for an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. This would give an attacker full administrator level access.

The second issue is with WebKit which is a layout engine that allows web browser to render web pages. This controls how the webpage appears on your device.

Combined with the first issue, this would allow a “hacker” to gain full control of the device and execute any code as if they are you. In short, they could take over your device.

I would be a good idea to update your device(s) as soon as possible. To update your iPhone or iPad go to Settings > General > Software Update. To update the Mac, go to System Preferences > software Update.

FitBit fits
The Fitbit Connect app for Windows will be deactivated as of October 13, 2022. As a result, Fitbit users will no longer be able sync downloaded music from their PCs to their watches. You can maintain that ability by using a service like Pandora od Deezer. Of course, those require a paid subscription. With the Fitbit Connect app that was feature was free. All you FitBit users will have to get your credit card out. (I’ll bet that comes as a real surprise).

Windows Updates
According to Microsoft, Windows 11 will have an annual Feature update. This will occur in the second half of the year. At this time the first feature update for Windows 11, (22H2) is scheduled to begin rolling out September 20, 2022.

What changes can we expect in this feature update? That remains unclear at this time. Many different, and often contradictory reports have been published online. Historically, the actual update resembles the early releases but surprises often make their way into the final release. Rather than pontificate on the possibilities I prefer to use the wait-and-see method

For the monthly security updates Windows 11 will continue to use the cumulative update process commonly known as “B” release, Update Tuesday or Patch Tuesday. This is the same process Microsoft used in the past for Windows 10. The monthly cumulative update contains all the previous updates so if you miss a month the next cumulative update will get you back to current.

Russia then and now

Windows 10 And 11 downloads blocked in Russia
People in Russia can no longer download Windows 10 or Windows 11 and installation tools from Microsoft. No reason was given for the Block. Although Microsoft has been scaling down its involvement in Russia since the Ukrainian invasion. They have said that they would continue their contractual obligations with Russian customers.

Starting in March Microsoft announced the suspension of all sales in Russia. In April GitHub, (which is owned by Microsoft) began suspending developers’ accounts linked to sanctioned companies even if those users no longer worked for those companies.

In reality this is really a lot of bluster and posturing. It does not prevent people in Russia from getting Windows 10 or Windows 11. People in Russia simply access a VPN outside of Russia and carry on as if nothing had happened. So much for sanctions!

Russia discourages the use of VPNs. In this context discourages can mean anything from fines, jail or a one-way trip to Siberia. In June Russia’s Roskomsvoboda reported that while the government is still against the use of VPN’s, they will not punish people who use them.

Windows Tips

Tips Section

Open the “secret” Start menu
You know how to get to the Start menu. You click on the Windows Start icon, (the four squares) or click the Windows key on your keyboard. But there is another lesser-known start menu that makes accessing important features like the Command Prompt, Control Panel, Task Manager and others. You can activate it by right-clicking the Start button or clicking the Windows Key + X.

How much space are your apps taking up?
Computers start running slow when they a short on space. From time to time, you may want to get rid of apps that you don’t use anymore. To see how much space apps, temporary files and documents are taking up go to Settings > System > Storage. Click, (or tap) on Show more categories to see the full list.

To get recommendations of what Windows 11 thinks you should toss out tap Cleanup recommendations. But use your own judgment on what you actually delete.

Android Apps
While there were a couple of ways you could access Android apps in Windows 10 like using your Samsung Galaxy phone. In Windows 11 this becomes native. Android apps are available in the Microsoft Store, via the Amazon Appstore. This is something many Windows users have been waiting for. It is one more step towards merging laptop and mobile devices.

Video Capture
You probably know how to capture still images from your computer screen. Press Alt + Print Screen both at the same time and capture the active window image to the clipboard. From there you can paste the image into a document or application of your choosing.

You can also use the Xbox Game Bar to record video from you screen. To open the Game Bar click Win + G. From here you can use the capture feature to record video and save it to a file. Remember, this is for non-copyrighted material. More information on video recording will be in the next newsletter.


And remember — always back it up!



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