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December 2015
Registry “Cleaners”

Those Registry Cleaners!

I am sure you have seen the ads and testimonials that promise to make your computer run faster. For the record I am not a big fan of registry cleaners. Registry cleaners don’t speed up your PC. At best, they’re a waste of time -- and often money. At worst, they can cause problems by removing registry entries they shouldn’t.

Do they Work?
Will the registry cleaner will speed up your PC, making it boot more quickly and run faster. The answer, I can say, emphatically and unequivocally, uh, maybe! Or it may leave you with a computer that won’t even boot up.

While it is true that Windows doesn’t do a very good job of cleaning up after itself. The system is always creating new files and entries. But seldom does it remove any of these, even though they are no longer needed. There is some amount of “garbage” in every Windows registry.

What is the Windows Registry?
It is an essential system file that houses a massive collection of details about your computer--and that's just the beginning. Just about everything you do in Windows is recorded somewhere in the Registry. It is a database that lists all of the configuration settings that determine how Windows looks and behaves

My advice is to stay away from the “Miracle Cures”. If you are going to try and clean the registry make sure you have a full backup before you start. Be sure to research the product carefully and only download and install programs from software publishers that you trust.

Before you get started Close ALL programs and running apps. Unload any tools running in the system tray to since they are constantly making little changes in the registry. You want the cleaner to run undisturbed with no interference.

Good Luck!

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Moving Your Electronics

Moving your electronics can be a very "moving” experience, in more ways than one!
MovingMoving Electronics

When it comes time to move, whether it’s to a new country, state, city or just a few blocks moving your delicate electronics can be problematic!

Take pictures of the connections and make detailed notes on what cables and connectors go to on each device. A few pieces of colored tape can be a big help when re-assembling. You can write notes on the tape like, “second monitor goes here”. Use different colors for TV, PC or speakers and try to keep all the parts and accessories to each device together. Don’t forget to label everything, every box.

Printers and scanners can be exceptionally delicate. Often they are shipped from the manufacturer with special blocks and restraints to prevent damage during shipping. Remove the ink cartridges or toner to prevent spillage. If you still have any of these pieces use them. Otherwise pack it with newspaper, towels, blankets or pads. Box, tape or shrink wrap everything as best you can.

Do not use “peanuts”, those Styrofoam bits can develop a considerable static voltage which could damage fine electronics.

Some movers specialize in shipping electronic hardware and furniture. If you have a lot to move it is usually a good idea to hire professional movers. If you decide to do it yourself get ready for a workout!

When you get to the other end and everything is still in pieces let the components warm up to room temperature before you start putting it all back together. Allow the temperatures to stabilize before you switch the power back on.

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