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October 2018
Is it Time for a New Computer?

How do you know when it is time to get a new computer?

That's a tough call. We often just learn to live with the little quirks of our PCs, tablets and phones to the point of embracing their whims. We know what parts work, what parts don't and when we need to stretch a rubber band around the charging cable to hold it in place.

Thinking of a new computer?

So we limp along with machines that are well past their prime. But that need not be the case. Here are six warning signs that it is time to replace your computer.

  1. Your computer is an integral part of your daily life, whether for work, school or even gaming. Slow systems result in lost business, lost revenue, wasted time and frustration. New computers are a major expense but how much time/money do you lose every day because of old outdated equipment?
  2. You can't run the latest software. Your computer doesn't meet the hardware requirements for the latest operating system or the latest version of the software that you use. And just because you meet the bare minimum requirements doesn't mean you will have a satisfactory user experience. This is one of the most common reasons for replacing PCs and other electronic devices. Many of the machines that hit the scrap pile are still functional, just outdated.
  3. Your machine is slow. Do you start you PC and then go shave, shower and get coffee before it comes to life? Before you do away with your old PC clean up the hard drive, run your antivirus and reinstall your operating system. If that doesn't work then it is probably time for a new machine.
  4. Your PC is making strange noises. Most devices make some sounds. The gentle hum of the fan, soft clicks and beeps as you work the touchpad or the operation of the optical and hard drives. You are probably used to the “normal” sounds but when those give way to louder, harsher noises it is usually time to get a new machine.
  5. It will cost more to upgrade your existing machine than to buy a new one. Or you have already upgraded it and that wasn't good enough. Does it make financial sense to pour more money into your current machine or put those funds toward a new system? Most computers and other devices have limits as to how much RAM or storage space they can utilize.
  6. You need more space. Your device can only hold so many documents, images, videos, movies and programs. If you find yourself constantly transferring files to external storage it may be time for a new machine with greater storage capacity.
Buying a new Smartphone or Tablet!

As a general rule you can usually get three to five years of good service from a modern PC or Smartphone. If your machine has reached the end of its lifespan the good news is the holidays are just around the corner. Many stores, both on line and brick and mortar will be offering new systems at discounted prices. Or you could just add it to your list for Santa, (if you have been a good little girl or boy).

And remember always back it up!

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